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Mohit Sharma

DevOps Practitioner

AWS CCP & CDA Certified, Contributor at Monash DeepNeuron and Google DSC Lead

Let's make it a world better place to live!

- Mohit Sharma

I leverage technology to better lives, businesses and bring technology to a higher bar. Currently, I focus on driving growth through CI/CD ecosystem development and strategy. I have experience in leveraging configuration management, automating cloud resources, implementing and managing cutting-edge deployment automation.

Hands-on experience with more than 20+ services offered by AWS such as EC2, ECS, EKS, S3, CloudFormation, lambda etc.( 2 X AWS Certified). Also, competent knowledge of Azure and GCP services (Received Cloud Hero Badge in DevOps Essentials, Application Development, Core Infrastructure).

Skills: AWS, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible (knowledge), Jenkins, Python, R, Linux, Java etc.

Technologies I use

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